Mama Tried x Flat Out Friday Podcast

047 – Flat Track Brainiac Bert Sumner

Promoter, Flat Track Royalty, Mentor, Racer, Historian Or – WATCH the show on our YouTubes

046 – Stunt Rider Rusty Butcher & Cary Brobeck of Choppers Magazine

Mark Atkins, Rusty Butcher clothing line Race offroad, founding father of Hooligan stunt rider, Cary Brobeck – of Choppers Magazine, rides choppers Warren – words to live by – when you’re stupid, you suffer Or – WATCH the show on our YouTubes

043 – Becky Goebel, builder, racer, designer, entrepreneur, gets real with us

Housekeeping Becky Goebel is an entrepreneur, designer, and overall badass. She’s been involved in television, advertising and many, many adventures, all on her trusty Harley-Davidson Or – WATCH the show on our YouTubes

042 – Dumptruck Speaks Good!

Housekeeping Dump Truck Coming to you live from the  Harley-Davidson 12th Anniversary, we got to sit down with our good friend Dump Truck. He’s been an announcer, a radio host, and an all-around great guy. I say this all the time, but this is a Must listen! Or – WATCH the show […]

041 – BTR Racer Anna Banana Serena Brings the party

Housekeeping Anna Serena Let me tell you Anna is a real one. like most or all of our guests, Anna is a deep and multi-faceted individual and despite being from Florida she’s still pretty cool. From promoting festivals to touring with musical artists to living the nomadic life that she does Anna is steeped in […]

038 – Brian Redmond – Geared Science/Podcast Producer gets uncomfortable on camera

Housekeeping 120th Brian Redmond – Brian Redmond of Geared Science and our very own podcast producer gets on camera for once and talks about background entering the video world and how he got tangled up in Mama Tried @gearedscience Or – WATCH the show on our YouTubes