Mama Tried x Flat Out Friday Podcast

051 – Flat Out Friday Announcer – Mark Martinich

Mark Martinich –

  • Flat Out Friday announcer Mark Martinich joins us and talks all things flat track. This MOTORCYCLE PODCAST is exactly what you’re looking for. Like Most of us Mark was not born on a motorcycle or on the flat track. He came to it through calling with a few stops along the way. He is a true motorcycle enthusiast with a passion for flat track racing!
  • Nobody likes people categorizing people
  • Knowledge guy
  • Working with Chatty Maddy
  • The love of Flat Track
  • We miss Torque Center!
  • Pizza delivery means Flat Track, not Road Racing
  • Struggle Bus
  • Scott sells a bike…
  • Large energy
  • Vintage bikes – what’s going to break this weekend
  • Knowledge comes from motorcycles that need more maintenance
  • 4 1/2 times the time but it will get done
  • Tow truck wreck
  • Bass by ear
  • Why is your bike purple
  • Killer Clowns
  • Enabler/Catalyst
  • Let’s go to Tennessee
  • Why does Flat Track resonate with him

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