Mama Tried x Flat Out Friday Podcast

050 – Beer City Cycles – Purveyors Of Party

  • Golfing vacation
  • Number of beers drank while on course = number of swings to be removed
  • Big winter/spring coming up
  • Buy a sticker that could happenstance win you a motorcycle
  • The road will provide
  • Summer BBQ Bike Show June 9th
  • Puddler’s Hall Beer Run
  • Bombs Away Show
  • No drama, just miles
  • DUI band – street punk
  • Have an endpoint or maybe you dont
  • Mechanical breakdowns make new friends
  • Milwaukee Rad – motorcycle center of the midwest
  • Shows and parties that self police themselves
  • Regular stairs are faster than the lazy escalator
  • Electrical issue leading to splitting the case
  • Clap it up for Milwaukee

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