Mama Tried x Flat Out Friday Podcast

041 – BTR Racer Anna Banana Serena Brings the party


  • 120th was great (as far as you know)
  • Casa de Johnson
  • Jeremy’s 50th
  • Parking on a ski hill
  • Thanks Evan
  • 120th, like Mama Tried but in the summer…
  • Oxymoron – “Finished Chopper”

Anna Serena

Let me tell you Anna is a real one. like most or all of our guests, Anna is a deep and multi-faceted individual and despite being from Florida she’s still pretty cool. From promoting festivals to touring with musical artists to living the nomadic life that she does Anna is steeped in experience, joy, and great stories.

  • Racer, Builder, Owner, Promoter, Producer
  • Will fight alligators
  • Punch your way out
  • Street team promotor
  • Trailering vintage motorcycles with a Prius
  • Vintage 1000
  • Off road touring
  • Anti-Warped Tour
  • Breaking the mold
  • Women in motorcycles
  • Weirdo vibe
  • Movement for women in motorcycles
  • Pulling people along, who do you know
  • Having flat track together with other countries
  • Banana origins
  • Abba Zaba
  • Experience curious – sign me up – let’s go
  • Not afraid of Pierogis anymore
  • Don’t Stop Festival
  • Alignment of partners
  • Bridge is up!
  • Taking indoor flat track racing around the world
  • Sidebar
  • Taking motorcycle world to empower women everywhere


  • Jersey to race with BTR
  • Sturgis with Royal Enfield
  • Sturgis BTR race
  • Wildsville MX

Build Train Race Program

Vintage 1000

American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association

Chastin Brand

Long’s Motorcycle Shop

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