Mama Tried x Flat Out Friday Podcast

031 – Bill Rodencal, Harley-Davidson Museum collections caretaker


Warren – Welding and Fabrication

Jeremy – Rebuilding veteran’s wheelchairs with students

Brazil in 3 weeks

Planning on Sturgis

Mama Tried exhibit at the Harley-Davidson Museum opening June 14th


Lead for Museum Collections

From Dodges to Harleys

Fat Dog Vintage Salvage

60% new, pulled from the line

Otherwise finding the missing pieces


Polish Blackberry Brandy

Gotta be doing something all the time

Harley-Davidson golf carts

79 Sportster

Swap Meets

Mixed drink guy at Grateful Dead

Love all music

Ear splitten louden boomer


To Health!

Did I kick enough ass?

Jeremy and Warren philosophy:

Make an impact – good or bad

Pan back or pull out

Motorcycles and music are exponentially expanding in all directions

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