Mama Tried x Flat Out Friday Podcast

020 – Brad Richards

Brad Richards is a design engineer currently with Harley-Davidson and formerly with Ford. Brad has been involved with some of the most iconic modern vehicles to come from both brands. The guys unpack some of Brad’s expertise and his views on the world of motorcycles.

K Cars – sedans or wagons?

Intro songs?


College for Creative Studies

Bob Seeger

Alice Cooper


White Stripes

American Mars

Bowie grew up in Nashville

Salesman’s shoes

Design and engineering tension

Oily Souls

At a stop light


Stolen tool flea market

Trophy of the workingman

Rock and Roll to Punk to Hip Hop

Not fitting into society

What brand motorcycle is parked in front of the local bar?

Validation and doors opening

Highlight of the winter

Bold statement


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