Mama Tried x Flat Out Friday Podcast

013 – Cedar Lake and the summer of 22 catchup with Jeremy, Warren and Scott

Welcome to the new Mama Tried Show/Flat Out Friday podcast “Studio” Join Scott, Warren and Jeremy as they discuss whats coming up for Flat Out Friday and reflect on their recent trip to Sturgis.

Working backward?

Brazil, Indonesia, Sturgis or was that the other way around?

Bringing the lowbrow to it all

 Where can you buy beer on a Sunday?

How to not F*%! it up?

Kevin the DJ

Getting weird on a Saturday night and influencing others to get weird

99 problems and Johnny Cash ain’t one

Baggers as hay bales

Jeremey’s grocery list

Disparity in speed 

Just follow me and enjoy

Two or three dimensions of crowds in the heat

Keeping the stoke

What did you do during the Slaughter concert?

Belly flop contest

What is a digger?

Boom, a pool party

Lost in Wyoming

Not intentionally didactic